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Practical Idiom for the
New Economic Order


A changing reality requires new means of describing and reifying it. For example, following the Revolution of 1917, the Russian language became infinitely enriched with new terms, especially acronyms and abbreviations, pertaining to hitherto nonexistent institutions and practices.

As the financial framework of the modern world is being reconfigured and the age of austerity sets in, English, being the international language of business, may experience a certain expressive shortage. But, reassuringly, the recent proliferation of neologisms such as "Grexit" seems to portend an impending wave of innovation.

These are prototypes, whimsical wordplay, anagrams and suggestions for potential linguistic flotsam - eventually to be rendered as text on newsprint.

**Update June 12, 2013: I am currently printing some of these on letterpress
Alas slim icing

Letterpress on salmon newsprint, 29.7 x 42 cm
Chelsea College Library Special Collection
from the Chelsea Box Project, curated by R/E Collective
Proposed long ticker for an agency that's short
(Salami slicing)
An ancient myth in dire need of a modern retelling
A monetary fund I'd like to fuck