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In the United States
Marshall Contemporary, LA

In the United Kingdom
Joanna Bryant & Julian Page, London

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The initiative helps artists during the COVID-19 pandemic by creating a small but dynamic market. Artists put forward work costing no more than £200 (excluding shipping and transaction costs where applicable). When they reach £1,000 in sales, they pledge to buy another artist's work, creating support for each other.

To uphold the spirit of the initiative, I would also like to ensure that any work I offer under the Pledge continues to serve the artistic community beyond initial purchase. I have therefore stipulated as a condition of sale a three-year no-resale provision and a 20% Artist Resale Royalty provision on any resale profits thereafter for the duration of the copyright. In turn, I will spend 20% of any such Royalties received to keep buying work from other artists.

See terms of sale for works I sell under the Pledge

US, UK and Canada
Two Essential Process-themed prints available
in Limited Editions: EP'(1) and EP'(2)