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Vanishing Point

A selection of images from the series
Silver gelatin prints, 16 x 12 in

Eds. of 5+2 APs.

The series can also be accompanied by a 4-channel animation, either as projection or mounted screens. Please contact for details.

Narrative of travel is a well-known stand-in for a narrative of self-discovery. Sometimes, however, one ends up getting lost. This is one such fictional travel diary of a failed search, presented as a journal of corrupted images that are nonetheless faithful representations of a blank stare.

Whereas a traditional archive is meant to preserve, here items are pre-destroyed before they are even filed. (The viewer, however, is likely to wonder whether these may be the effects of time, not intentionality.) There is a sense of places being impotent, of the protagonist willing them in and out of being with varying degrees of success. It highlights the duality of archive as a site where we are trapped between the demand for facticity and the desire for allegory and fabrication.

As the pictures fade progressively, the viewer is pushed further and further to negotiate this line by taking on the burden of conjuring and the resulting frustrations. VP-1.jpg VP-2.jpg VP-3.jpg VP-4.jpg VP-13.jpg VP-5.jpg VP-12.jpg VP-6.jpg VP-11.jpg VP-7.jpg VP-8.jpg VP-9.jpg VP-10.jpg