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Grains of Salt

specially commissioned for and shown at:
2nd Moscow International Biennale for Young Art
Jul 10 - Aug 10, 2010

Lambda/Lightket prints (digital collages from photograms and paper negatives)


The series plays on the expression, originally Latin, “to take something with a grain of salt”. Every day we have to process vast amounts of information whose validity we lack the means to ascertain beyond reasonable doubt. In our quest for truth we have to devise subjective strategies of skeptical consumption and eat salt not just by the grain but by the mouthful. (It can also be said that the Russian figurative meaning of “salt” as essence of something is what’s left after applying the Latin/English meaning). We end up collecting disparate residual bits of information, and if they are mapped out visually, a rather random and absurdist terrain reveals itself. These digital collages have been made from analog photograms of newspaper sheets and rock salt crystals. Each collage only uses elements found on one sheet - a sheet here being an object with both sides, to emphasize ironic and incongruent juxtapositions.
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Market Share

reads: "Such generosity is not accidental" Services680.jpg
Religious Services
An Untrodden Path (Flowers for the President) Vash680.jpg
Always F-ing Yours (This isn't France)
Elektrovenik (Electrobroom)
Schwesterherz! (Wie vertragen Sie sich bisher?) Pavilions680.jpg
Pleasure Pavilions
Snip-Paste-Rebound (Art market)
Installation view at the 2nd Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, 2010